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Hotel “Sporty Gorodok” SSUSU “Vitebsk Regional Center for Winter Sports”

Hotel fund 75 beds. On the territory there is a cafe “Triumph” for 50 people, a banquet hall for 12 persons, a conference hall for 50 seats, parking (unguarded), a fitness center (swimming pool, gym, gym, sauna).

city ​​of Gorodok, Gagarin St., 3, tel. +375 (2139) 51901



Room of the highest category – “Lux” 55.00 rubday


Double room – first class room 45.00 rubday


1 place in 2-bed room 22.30 rubles a day


Single room – first category room 30.00 rubday

special offer
Accommodation at the hotel 20.00 1

bed / night


Visit to the swimming pool

without restriction 6.00

3 meals a day cafe 10.00

Use of a ski roller

trails with rental of sports equipment free of charge



Visit to the sports and gym 4.00

Tourist and recreational complex “Losvido”
The tourist and recreational complex “Losvido”, founded in 1976, underwent a comprehensive reconstruction: the whole base was modernized, the room fund, the hall for food and many other rooms changed radically.

The number of rooms in the five-story building has been updated. It is classified by category: the highest and the first. To the highest belong two rooms “Lux” (Lux). These are superior rooms, consisting of two living rooms (rooms for rest / work and a bedroom with a double bed). The rest-to the first. They are divided into “Twin comfort room (TWIN, twin superior room)” and “Single (single) comfort (singl superior room).” Also there are block type rooms, convenient for families and groups of tourists. They are represented by the association “Single (single) comfort” and “Double (twin) comfort” corridor and a single bathroom forming a unit. Also, there are “Standard” rooms without blocks.

Lux Room

At the tourist base the barrier-free environment for people moving in wheelchairs is completely equipped. Ramps are located on the entire length from the main entrance, to the number of the disabled for special needs, and from there to the dining room.

Rooms for people with disabilities are different in size and are designed for a simultaneous and comfortable stay of two holidaymakers.


Tel. +375 (2139) 5 8736 (reception)

+375 (29) 3058736 (vel) (reception)

+375 (33) 3058736 (мтс) (reception)

+375 2139 5 87 30 (accounting)

+375 (29) 1869520 Velcom (Director Evdokimov Sergey Alexandrovich)

+375 (29) 8104536 (administrator) Roman Praskovic

+375 (29) 6926845 (administrator) Olga Baranovskaya

+375 (29) 283 12 60 (administrator) Irina Snezhkova



Address: 211549, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Gorodoksky district, p / o Prudniki

We are on the map: https://yandex.by/maps/-/CBUTuMqmdC

Praleska Hotel OVD Avangard

The complex includes a hotel for 14 rooms. There is a cafe for 20-25 landing months.

Gorodoksky district, town. Ezerische, ul.Leninskaya, 119, tel. +375 (2139) 34588.

BOOR, OTHERS ???? Lesgas

Agrotourism of Vitebsk region, Vitebsk

Address: Vitebsk region, Gorodoksky district, d.Novka

(Latitude 55 ° 38’42 “N (55.644877) Longitude 29 ° 35’36” E (29.593281))

Number of places: 8 double rooms (16 beds), 40 seats for a banquet.

Description: sauna, banquet hall, kitchen, hunting, fishing, food, on the shore of the lake and the mouth of the river.

The price: 30. rbl. per person or 300 rubles. for the whole manor per day.

Description of the estate:

The farmstead is located in a picturesque pine forest on the shore of a glacial lake and is perfect for those who are tired of people and want to relax in silence alone with untouched nature.

+ 375 (33) 6049211

+375 (29) 7132498

Email: rjuv.67@gmail.com


Агроусадьба «ОСОТНО»

The recreation center “Poozerye” has

a hunting farm with a total area of ​​27.2 thousand hectares;
Lake Plav with an area of ​​112 hectares;
three guest houses for 2, 8 and 14 people with rooms for 2-5 people with a fireplace, satellite TV, DVD, music equipment, showers and toilets;
Russian sauna on the wood and access to the pier.
In addition, the recreation center “Poozerie” offers rental services