State nature protection institution “Korytinsky moss”

Provide practical assistance in conducting campaigns of different complexity, and organize and conduct alloys. Here you can rent all the necessary tourist equipment.

Hire: PVC boats, fiberglass boat, boating motor in a set of batteries, tents 2, 3, 4-bed, sleeping bags, backpacks, life jackets, curtain-mounted awning, tourist tableware, tourist furniture in stock.

Services guide-guide on tourist routes: water – on the river. The street is 20 km long. – one-day; pedestrian – sanctuary “Surmino” – 15 km one-day, mixed – sanctuary “Surmino” – 25 km two days, water route in the reserve “Tiosto” – 8 km one-day tour of the water along the river. Oatmeal “Extreme” 25km two-day, tour route on foot “Guerrilla paths” – 5km one-day.


The address: 211573, Vitebsk region, g. Gorodok, Sovetskaya str., 19

Phone: +375 2139 4-06-59

E-mail: gpu.kor@tut.by

Sports facility “Ski track in gorodok”
The maximum length of the circle of the route is 7.5 km, 5 km, 3 km, 2.5 km, 1.5 km, but thanks to a well thought-out system of interchanges, the distance is easily changed to meet the requirements set by the organizers of a particular competition. The width of the canvas – 7 m – is the largest among the Belarusian routes. The greatest difference in altitude is 28 m. The number of ascents and descents varies at different distances, but one can say with certainty: the route will not be an easy test even for professionals.

Near the ski track on the shore of Lake Lugovoe a sandy and well-groomed beach with a pier and catamarans was created, rest areas were built, a new bridge connecting Vorobyovy Gory with the bass island was built.

In the summer, it is possible to rent bicycles and roller skates.



Pricelist for Innocent citizens

Physical culture and recreation complex
Sports hall with a professional cover for any sports kinds of sports: basketball, football, volleyball, handball, with interest and advantage to spend your free time playing table tennis. December 15, 2017 an indoor swimming pool was opened. The swimming pool, built and equipped with the latest technology, is impressive. First of all, the bowl size is 25×11 meters with a total displacement of 555 m3, standing on special piles of increased strength. Its depth is from 1.8 to 2.2 m. The water mirror will be divided by four swimming tracks, each of which can swim up to eight people at a time, without interfering with each other.

FLC provides services both individually and by entering into agreements with legal entities. Admission of sports teams for systematic training sessions.

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Gymnasium GUSU “Children’s Youth Sports School”

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Address: Vitebsk Region, Gorodok, ul. Sovetskaya, 14, 211573
Phone: 8 (02139) 570 87
E-mail: gorodok.sport@mail.ru